Green Biodiesel

Generally, the bulk of Biodiesel is produced by transesterification of oils with an FFA level of less than 0.1%. The pretreatment involves degumming and stripping of FFAs at high temperatures to remove the FFAs. In the case of some oils, the neutralization process is used for FFA reduction.

Green biofuel

GreenFinery™ to
produce Biodiesel

GreenFinery™ can be successfully used to remove FFA so that the treated oil can be transesterified to produce Biodiesel.
GreenFinery™ can absorb the FFAs without the need for stripping methods

FFA distillates from the refining process as well as waste cooking oil are used forBiodiesel production. Many different process routes are used for esterification and industries are looking at milder processes such as using Enzymes. However, this conversion method only reaches a 2-3% FFA level. To further reduce theFFA, the product must undergo either potassium or sodium hydroxide neutralization or ion Exchange Resins. GreenFinery™ can be used to remove virtually all of the remaining FFA after Enzyme based esterification.  

Green biofuel
Benefits of GreenFinery™
  • No need for chemicals or high temperatures.
  • Easily integrated with existing process.
  • No generation of trans fats.
  • Environmentally friendly.
  • Low associated CapEx and OpEx.