About Us

Beyond Oil is a food-tech innovative company that has developed a unique patented breakthrough solution to eliminate Free Fatty Acids (FFA) from oils through a green and cost effective process.
Industrial fryingA premium nut oil
River through a forest
Industrial frying

We specialize in filtering and processing aid products that can address many oils, applications, and industries. The Company was recognized by the Israeli Innovation Authority as a true Innovator in its field and won several grants from the Israel Innovation Authority.

“… Beyond Oil technology is revolutionary, without any similar technology around the world. It actually changes the entire concept of crude vegetable oil and vegetable oils used as health ingredients.” (from Prof. Nissim Garti independent expert opinion).

Portrait of Prof. Nissim Garti
Prof. Nissim Garti
Professor of physical and colloid chemistry at the Hebrew University
Drop of oil
Our Vision

Oils for sustainable future.

We are not here to change people's consumption habits, nor to find remedies for the problems that have arisen. We are here to solve the problem from the root and enable our customers to implement our solution at their production level. As a result, the oil will be healthier and so will the food you fry with it.