Add Beyond Oil™ to the paste where it is then mixed with the oil and adsorbs the free fatty acids from the oil, without altering its positive characteristics.

Separate of Beyond Oil™, along with the other solids, by the existing separation process in the mill

Get Extra virgin oil

FFA<0.1%. Always!

Beyond Oil

Our technology is the only solution in the world that enables the production of cold pressed and crude oils with no acidity!  -> FFA<0.1% Always <-

With our technology every oils mill around the globe can produce all the oils about 0% F.F.A/Acidity, regardless of the oil grade or quality and irrespectively of the fruits, grove or climate which had provided it. When used in oil manufacture, this technology will increase oil profitability and quality and also encourage a green environment and promote human health.
Any oil manufactured by the Beyond Oil technology will be rated Extra Virgin (

Our product is suitable for a variety of cold-pressed oils:


Olive, avocado, soybean, canola, corn, sunflower, almond, argan, batana, baobab, castor, evening rimrose, jojoba, hazelnut, hemp seed, linseed, macadamia, moringa, pomegranate,rosehip, shea butter, walnut, coconut oil, grapeseed oil, pumpkin seed oil, peanut oil, rice bran oil.  

Manufacturer's Benefits

Oil retains cold press classification

High quality - high selling price!

No unwanted change to oil positive nutritional values

Easily integrated with existing mill process

Low associated CapEx and OpEx

No generation of trans fats

Natural ingredients approved for use in the food industry

Extends shelf life to 3-5 years

Healthier oils​​

Olive branch and olive oil bottle isolat
Beyond Olive Oil™ - "TalcOils" Anti-Acid 


Beyond Oil™ is a naturally occurring talc product. It is stable and inert physically and chemically.
Beyond Oil™
is authorized for production olive oil with no acidity.

The use of our product does not require any special adjustments in the cold press mill.

Our product is fully separated from the oil, leaving absolutely no traces and hence having no impact whatsoever on the oil composition or health benefits.



Each unit of Beyond Oil™ will have the capacity to produce a ton of olives.