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Who We Are

Beyond Oil is a food-tech company that developed a groundbreaking preventive healthcare solution for eliminating Acidity from our diet

Oil is everywhere - it is not only the food product that we can find at the supermarket - it is a raw material of almost every food product that we consume today.


Cold press and refined oils are basic and essential components in people's food. They play a major role in every cooking, frying, baking or pastry processes.

Today, all the oils we consume - contain acidity!

According to studies the acidity in the oil exposes us to several health hazards and diseases including diabetes and cardiovascular events.

it also accelerates the deterioration of the quality of the oil. 


It means that each one of us (children and adults), on a daily basis, throughout our lives, intakes into his, or her body, considerable amounts of Acidity and other solid small particles and impurities.

The alarming fact is that at any point, at any time, there are uncontrolled amounts of Acidity hazardous in the human's bloodstream.

Our Vision - "Eat What You Love, Live Longer"

We are not here to change people's consumption habits, nor to find cures for the problems created.
We are here to solve the problem from the root, and to enable the food manufacturers to implement our solution, at the production line level in their factories; so that oil will be healthier from the get-go (and also the food that will be produced with it).
The public will continue to consume the food products that they consume today, and their diet will be healthier.


Our Products

Our technology is a processing aid technology that enables the production of vegetable oils with no acidity. FFA<0.1%. Always!

  • Beyond Oil™ is composed of natural ingredients

  • Each unit of Beyond Oil™ will have the capacity to treat up to 1MT of oil

  • Beyond Oil™ adsorbs the free fatty acids from the oil, without altering its positive characteristics

  • Our technology is simple to implement and does not require alterations

  • No need for chemicals or high temperatures

  • No generation of trans fat

 A green solution of oils Free Fatty acids removal technology, energy-saving, friendly ingredients, protecting the environment and consumers' health.  


We create enormous value and cut costs dramatically.


Our technology is a gateway to economic, high-quality, healthier and sustainable foods.

Beyond Oil™

A physical process. Beyond Oil™ interacts with FFA to generate a solid complex

Mix It

A liquid form of Beyond Oil™ is added to the treated oil

Incubate It

The mixed Beyond Oil™ and vegetable oil/raw material are incubated. Neither energy nor chemicals are required

Separate It

Separate the solid complex (Beyond Oil™ plus FFA) from the oil

Excellent Oil

Vegetable oils

FFA <0.1%, Always!

Prof. Nissim Garti
Professor of physical and colloid chemistry at the Hebrew University.
A world-renowned scientist and an international expert in the field of Colloids and Interfacial Sciences, with many years of experience in the food and pharmaceutical industries.  

“…the Beyond Oil technology is a revolutionary one with not any similar technology around the world.

It actually changing the entire concept of crude oil and health ingredients type of oils” 

Dr. Ziad Kizil
Dr. Kizil is a graduate of the Casali Institute for Applied Chemistry, in the Faculty of Applied Sciences at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. For the past 15 years, he worked as a senior lecturer and academic researcher. He also worked in the oil sector for 30 years.

“Beyond Oil methods have a high positive impact  on our health and could lead to a Recognizable decrease in the mortality caused by cardiovascular Diseases ."

Pinhas Or - Founder & CEO

Founder and Inventor of the technology. An entrepreneur with 30 years in business.

An attorney-at-law which holds M.B.A. in commercial & business law at Bar Ilan University, Israel.  Has 10 years of experience in processing and handling oils, particularly reducing acidity in oils.

“Our main goal is to lead a global revolution in oil production and treatment, helping the environment and contributing to human health, leading to a recognizable decrease in cardiovascular diseases. "

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