Green Refinery

We are offering a disruptive, easy-to-use technology with very low CAPEX added to the current production process to remove the Free Fatty Acids (FFA) from oils and fats at a reasonably low temperature, which has not been possible in the past.

GreenFinery™ - Oil Refining Made Green
GreenFinery™ is a filter that is specially formulated using natural ingredients. It is a stable and chemically inert product. Beyond Oil™eliminates the FFA from the oil in a physical process while preserving the oil's quality and nutritional values. Beyond Oil™ works at ambient temperature(effective > 24°C, slightly higher temperature will reduce the viscosity of the oil, making it easy to filter) and is a simple method to use as described below.
A field of canola
Benefits of GreenFinery™
  • No need for chemicals or high temperatures.
  • Easily integrated with existing process.
  • Preserves nutritional values.
  • No generation of trans fats.
  • Environmentally friendly.
  • High quality - high selling price.
  • Low associated CapEx and OpEx.

Improving your ESG score

The oil can be refined at a lower temperature with lower energy usage, including reducing chemical use and eliminating liquid effluent discharge.

This process stands out as authentically green, environmentally friendly, and dramatically favors the usage of GreenFinery™ in industries where FFA needs to be removed from the oils and fats.

Crop field

How it works


A liquid/powder form of GreenFinery™ is added to the paste/oil.


GreenFinery™ and vegetable paste/oil. Neither energy nor chemicals are required.


The FFA generated in the paste/oil.


Separate the solid complex (GreenFinery™ plus FFA) from the paste/oil.

Product integration

Our product can be integrated along the production chain: 
Milling photo
Refining photo
Post refining photo