• Milestone Oil

SIFOOD visit - 22/07/18

On February 22, 2018, Sifood company visited Milestone offices and laboratory.

SIFOOD is a global business development & investment group

SIFOOD specializes in cross-border investments and growth opportunities, for mature companies, operating in the High-Tech, Clean-Tech, Agro-Tech, Food-Tech and Health Care segments.


One of the owners of the company is Mr. Koh Soo Keong.

Mr Koh Soo Keong was the Chairman of the Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority (AVA) in Singapore in 2008 – 2016.

Mr Koh Soo Keong served on the AVA Board for 14 years, and helped AVA grow as an organization to better address its varied responsibilities. Under Mr. Koh’s guidance, AVA strengthened food security for Singapore, including raising local farm productivity and ramping-up agricultural R&D and innovation. He also spurred AVA to embrace private sector partnerships, and a robust risk management- and science-based approach to grow and diversify our overseas food sources while upholding food safety standards. He has steered AVA to be more pro-enterprise as well as collaborative in engaging the various industry segments it regulates.


After a few months' acquaintances between the companies, Sifood came to Israel for a visit.

The meeting was special. Milestone has introduced its technology to Sifood. In addition, a successful experiment was carried out. A laboratory experiment that showed how Milestone technology removes the free fatty acids from edible oil in a green groundbreaking method.

Mr. Koh Soo Keong has expressed great interest in Milestone technology and a desire to establish a partnership between the parties for the purpose of assimilation of technology in the East Asian oil industry. The companies are negotiating for international partnership.