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Mr. Haime wanted to examine Milestone technology by himself

Updated: Oct 20, 2018

Daniel Haime Gutt and the Haime family for over half a century, Novus Civitas has managed to preserve a legacy of industrial, agro-industrial and real estate development and success. The president of the firm is Rafael Simón del Castillo, a entrepreneur from Cartagena who has led large-scale projects in different sectors of the Colombian economy.


His business success has built it largely thanks to palm oil. With the foundation in 1961 of Indupalma -by Moris Gutt-, the Haime Gutt family managed to lay the foundations of a powerful economic group. The seeds that were imported by the company of oils and fats, Grasco, for the production of oils and margarines, were then substituted with local Indupalma production. "Daniel Haime is one of the most important businessmen in Colombia. He has a modern vision of business and, in the case of oil palm, is positioning this product for the future, "said Rubén Darío Lizarralde, former minister of agriculture and former manager of Indupalma


Mr. Haime wanted to examine Milestone technology by himself.

Mr. Haime, met with the company team on 24/06/18. The meeting took place in the office of the company's attorney Nitzan Hirsh (H-F&CO Law Firm

During the meeting, Milestone has introduced its technology to Mr. Haime and conducted a successful experiment. The laboratory experiment, that conduct in H-F&Co office, showed how Milestone technology removes the free fatty acids from palm oil in a green groundbreaking method.

The Company continues its business relationship with the company, which is owned by Mr. Haime.