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Consume Less, Fry Beyond

Companies who incorporate our product into their daily frying routine experience a wide range of benefits

By reducing the oil consumption and disposal, our products make your business more environmentally friendly and sustainable.

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Cost Savings

By safely extending the lifespan of frying oil, our products assist in reducing oil consumption and cost-cutting.

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Healthier Food

Our products enable you to produce & serve healthier and more flavourful food, increasing customer satisfaction.

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Our Solution

We have developed superior and powerful powders that absorb and prevent the development of carcinogenic substances formed during frying operations.

Our products help frying users meet regulatory and food safety requirements while extending oil lifespan and preserving the oil's quality, ensuring frying oil stays fresh and fried food tastes fantastic.

Our products meet the specifications of the FDA, Health Canada, and NSF.

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Meet regulatory and food safety requirements while frying healthier food, reducing waste, and saving costs!

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Beyond Oil is an innovative food-tech company dedicated to transforming the way we consume and produce food. We provide sustainable solutions for the food industry, prioritizing environmental protection and the well-being of its workers and customers.

Revolutionizing Your Frying Experience

Filter your oil daily with Beyond Oil and enjoy great benefits.

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Serve crispier & tastier food

Fry with fresh & healthier oil

Keep frying oil stable & clean

River through a forest

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Daily use of Beyond Oil significantly increases oil life and reduces overall oil consumption by up to 70%. With our solutions, large food chains and food processing companies can reduce their carbon footprint dramatically.

Up to 70%
-25M Kg
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