Industrial Frying

Beyond Your Operation Cost

Poor frying oil interferes with product quality and throwing out used oil means throwing away money

Industrial frying
Industrial Frying

Meet FryDay+™

FraDay+™ eliminates the Free Fatty Acids (FFA) generated in your oil, alongside other harmful components and keeps the oil quality stable, clear, clean.
Reduce oil costs

Throwing out used oil too soon means throwing away money. It’s not just the cost of the oil as stopping the line to switch to new oil leads to wasted production time, pulling labor away from more important and profitable tasks.

Industrial frying
Industrial frying
Improve oil quality

The problem is that filter media currently used by most businesses can only remove crumbs and debris. In order to maintain high-quality frying oil, it is necessary to remove not only the debris, but also the degradation products that cause off-flavors, odors, and colors.

Industrial frying
The benefits of FryDay+™
  • Eliminates FFA.
  • Delays the polar compounds development.
  • Delays development of polar compounds.
  • Improves color.
  • Neutralizes bad smells.
  • Reduces oil consumption costs.
  • Reduces oil disposal costs.
How it works

Fry during the working day.


Mix the used oil with FryDay+.


Filter out the clean oil from impurities.

Fry again

Fry again and extend your frying days!