Revolutionizing Your Frying Operations

At the core of our mission is the commitment to revolutionize food processing with an eco-friendly approach. Envision an industrial frying process that consistently maintains optimal oil quality parameters. The outcome is a sustainable frying process with zero oil wastage, an uninterrupted production line, and the delivery of high-quality final products.

Introducing Beyond Oil+

The superior solution for industrial food companies seeking to extend frying oil lifespan, Beyond Oil+ stands as a safe and powerful powder that prevents the formation of harmful components such as TPMs, FFAs, Trans Fats, Acrylamide, PAHs, and other impurities. This ensures the freshness of frying oil and imparts a fantastic taste to fried food. Beyond Oil+ not only aids frying users in meeting regulatory and food safety standards but also extends the oil's lifespan while preserving its quality and nutritional value.

Our products meet the specifications of the FDA, Health Canada, and NSF.

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How Does It Work?

Our exceptional solution guarantees outstanding results like no other. Beyond Oil+ seamlessly integrates into existing filtration systems, whether continuous or batch. The synergy of active filtration by the powder and passive filtration by the filter and filtration machine ensures optimal outcomes by eliminating additional degradation particles with a micro-filtration effect.
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Driving Sustainable Practices

Beyond Oil not only extends the life of your oil but also propels your commitment to sustainability. 

Minimize Carbon Footprint

Mitigate Waste Generation

Optimize Resource Utilization

Diminish Pesticide Dependency

Discover the transformative potential for your business

Laboratory Proof of Concept
On-site Pilot Programs
Tailored Filtration System Solutions with Our Strategic Partners
No oil waste, No downtime and high-quality final products

Revolutionizing Your Frying Operations

Our mission, among the other benefits of Beyond Oil are to lead the path to eco-friendly food processing. Imagine an industrial frying process that continuously keeps the oil quality parameters at optimum levels.

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