Food-Service Frying

Meet Our Product

Our product is an active filter powder that eliminates harmful Free Fatty Acids (“FFA”) generated in the oil. Daily reduction of FFA levels by FryDay™ delays the Total Polar Materials (“TPM”) development rate to less than regulation levels, which increases the number of days the frying oil can be used.

Our product meets the specifications of the FDA, Health Canada, Israel Ministry Of Health and NSF
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The benefits

Keep your oil quality stable, clear and clean.
Reduce costs icon
Reduce Cost
Extends oil frying days and cuts your oil replacement cost. 
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Oil Disposal
Reduces your used-oil disposal expenses and moves you towards being an environmentally friendly business.
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Healthier Food
Enables you to serve healthier food to your customers.

How to use

Filtering your oil every day with Beyond Oil sets you up to enjoy great benefits!
step 1
Use filter Paper in a Portable Filter machine.
step 2
Spread the Beyond Oil powder evenly on the filter paper.
step 3
Drain frying oil into Portable Filter machine.
step 4
Filter and circulate the oil in the Portable Filter machine for 10 minutes.
step 5
Pour the clean oil back into the fryers.
step 6
Replace the filter paper.

Oil filtration made easy

Our process includes passive microfiltration designed to remove all impurities components, including polar particles and impurities up to 0.1 microns.
The combination of active filtration by the powder and passive filtration by the microfiltration paper ensure the best results by removing other degradation particles.

Dirty oil
FIlter powder
Clean oil