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Understanding the Health Dangers of Repeated Frying in Restaurants

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Professor Oren Fruchte
Director of the Pulmonary Division of the Wolfson Medical Center.
"Beyond Oil's innovative solution makes a huge contribution to humanity in the medical field, reducing morbidity and mortality from cancers caused by exposure to frying fumes, thereby making a great contribution to improving the general health of the population"
Portrait of Prof. Nissim Garti
Professor Nissim Garti
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
"I am confident in concluding that adopting Beyond Oil’s innovative solution will enable restaurants, food producers, and other food manufacturers to offer safer and healthier food to their customers, reducing the risk of severe diseases and improving the general health of the population." ​

Health Risks of Consuming Fried Foods

A detailed exploration into how foods prepared with oils reused multiple times in restaurants pose significant cancer risks to diners, emphasizing the need for consumer awareness and industry change.

Health Risks from Kitchen Fumes to Workers

Highlighting the often-overlooked dangers kitchen workers face from inhaling toxic fumes generated by frying with reused oils.

The Health Consequences of Acrylamide in Our Diet

Examining the health impacts of acrylamide, particularly from fried foods, highlighting its links to increased cancer risks