Sustainability Impact

We believe in making a significant impact, not just in the kitchen, but on the planet. Our revolutionary filter powder is more than a product—it's a pathway to a sustainable future. Here's how we're making a difference

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Beyond Just Oil, Protecting Our Planet

Our impact goes beyond the oil to create a sustainable future.
Protection of the Rainforest

The Beyond Oil effect stretches further than you might think. By lowering the demand for agricultural commodities, we're playing a part in reducing the need for arable land. This means less soil destruction and more protection for our vital rainforests and the diverse wildlife they support.

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Cutting Down CO2 Emissions

Our approach doesn't just benefit the user with significant oil savings and increased food quality—it's a win for the environment too. Reduced oil consumption leads to fewer oil deliveries, less waste, and, importantly, a reduction in CO2 emissions.

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Healthier Frying For a Better Planet

Using Beyond Oil’s filter powder will lead to a significant reduction in oil consumption at the production facility, which has tremendous significance in terms of sustainability and environmental protection.
Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Studies published in recent years proved a direct link between the production of cooking oil and greenhouse emissions, particularly CO2e. Reflect almost 6,000 producers in 38 countries and is representative of over 71% of global vegetable oil production. Across all oil crop systems, median GHG emissions were 3.81 kg CO2e per kg refined oil. Link to study.

For every liter of oil saved, we reduce the carbon footprint by approximately 3.81 kilograms.

Reduce Your Water Usage

It takes about 2,300 liters of water to produce just one liter of frying oil - Link to study. Imagine the savings when you reduce oil consumption with Beyond Oil. Our technology not only cuts down on oil use but also brings a substantial indirect reduction in water use, benefiting our planet's most precious resource.

Reduce Your Frying Oil Waste

Our mission is to minimize waste, one fryer at a time. By reducing oil consumption with our innovative product, we can decrease oil waste by up to 50%. It's not just about using less, it's about wasting less.

"Our vision is to create a more sustainable future where food safety, cost efficiency, and environmental consciousness come together seamlessly.״

Jonathan Or
CEO & Co-Founder
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Drop of oil