The Problem

Reusing Frying Oil Hundreds Of Times Over Several Days With The Same Oil

Imagine the oil in your kitchen, used once or twice, now reused hundreds of times over several days. This is the reality in restaurants, catering services, and food factories worldwide. Most people don’t know that this practice makes the oil carcinogenic and filled with harmful trans fats. Changing the oil after each use would make food prices skyrocket and also dramatically increase its carbon footprint, so it continues.

Who Is Affected By The Problem?

This issue impacts individuals globally, transcending geographic and cultural boundaries. From an early age and throughout life, people consume fried foods, widely prepared with oil reused across various settings-provided by catering companies in kindergartens and schools, within military services, at universities, and during social gatherings such as weddings. These foods are also prevalent in hotels and restaurants and Most of the world's population buys fried food from the supermarket in the form of snacks, sweets, fried pastries and also frozen foods that have been fried in a factory and are heated at home before eating such as coated sausages, fries, chicken nuggets, onion rings, fried chicken, mozzarella sticks, spring rolls, fish sticks, Fried calamari, fried fish and more.Such widespread and continuous exposure to reused frying oils significantly contributes to severe health conditions like cancer, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, lung problems, and obesity, affecting individuals throughout their lives.

The Health Risks of Fried Foods

Recent academic literature, along with studies by regulatory agencies like the U.S. and European health agencies, confirms a direct link between consuming oil absorbed in fried foods and elevated cancer rates.
During frying, oil degradation is accelerated and harmful compounds such as Acrylamide, PAH, free radicals, Free Fatty Acids ("FFA"), Total Polar Materials ("TPM"), Metals, formation of trans fats diverging from safety standards. These compounds affect the oil's quality, leading to foaming, smoking, and a change in color, smell, and taste. The frying oil fumes contains aromatic carcinogenic components causing contributing to mortality and morbidity of customers and kitchen personnel.

🫀Cardiovascular Disease

17.9 Million

People die from cardiovascular diseases every year ,due to dietary factors like trans fats playing a significant role. 

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🩺 Cancer

1 in 5

People will develop cancer during their lifetime, due to dietary and environmental exposures, including acrylamide in food and airborne toxins from oil fumes.

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🍟Reused Frying Oil

Prolonged use of frying oil leads to the accumulation of toxic and carcinogenic compounds such as acrylamide and trans fats. These harmful compounds are absorbed by food and frying fumes during repeated frying cycles.

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👩‍🍳Consumers and Workers

Increased exposure to these harmful compounds significantly raises the likelihood of developing cancer and cardiovascular diseases.

Meet Our Product

Beyond Oil is a safe and powerful powder that absorbs and prevents the formation of harmful components such as TPMs, FFAs, Trans Fats, Acrylamide, PAHs, Anp and other impurities, ensuring frying oil stays fresh, and fried food tastes fantastic.

Our products meet the specifications of the FDA, Health Canada, and NSF.

Health Risks Associated to Frying Oil

Professor Oren Fruchte
Director of the Pulmonary Division of the Wolfson Medical Center.
"Kitchen workers in restaurants, hotels, banquet halls, frying factories, breathe frying fumes during all working hours, without knowing an important fact that food has been fried in the same oil hundreds of times over several days, which puts them at risk of various cancers. "
Portrait of Prof. Nissim Garti
Professor Nissim Garti
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
"According to a scientific review published in 2019, titled 'The Impact of Frying Oil Reuse on Health,' the reuse of frying oils by food establishments and home cooks has been linked to the formation of various carcinogens in recent years. Studies have shown that prolonged frying of foods in reused oil leads to the formation of numerous harmful compounds. These compounds have been shown to promote the development of various types of cancer and other diseases."

Our Solution for an Healthier Future

In the wake of rising health concerns linked to the consumption of fried foods, Beyond Oil presents a revolutionary solution. Our specialized filter powder is engineered to actively combat the formation of harmful substances like TPMs, FFAs, Trans Fats, Acrylamide, and PAHs in reused frying oil. This breakthrough directly tackles the issues of unhealthy fats and carcinogenic byproducts prevalent in fried foods, providing a safer and healthier alternative. Certified by global health standards, Beyond Oil's solution is a decisive step towards mitigating the risks of cardiovascular diseases and various cancers linked to fried food consumption, ensuring a healthier future in culinary practices.
Profound Medical Endorsement

Prof. Oren Fruchter, a luminary in lung cancer research, it was discovered that Beyond Oil's innovative solution drastically reduces the health risks associated with reused frying oil fumes. This breakthrough transcends mere cancer prevention, targeting a wide range of health concerns. Link to medical opinion

Technology That Protects

Beyond Oil has developed a unique filter powder blend, a powerful defense against the formation of harmful compounds in repeatedly used frying oils. Proven to eliminate acrylamides even after 51 days, this technology significantly diminishes the risk of various cancers including lung, central nervous system, and breast cancers.

Backed by Renowned Research

Prof. Nissim Garti from the University of Jerusalem has recognized the critical role of Beyond Oil's technology in improving fried food quality and enhancing health safety. This endorsement underscores our commitment to combating carcinogenic substances. Link to research

A Vanguard in Consumer Safety

Through these efforts, Beyond Oil firmly positions itself at the forefront of consumer health and safety, leading the way in innovative solutions for healthier fried foods.

Consistent High Oil Quality
(AOCS Standard)

Our advanced formulation goes beyond FFA reduction, addressing a range of parameters such as acrylamide, TPC, PAHs, Anp, Trans fats, color, smell, and taste, resulting in exceptional outcomes.